The App Comparisons Chart is Live!

App Comparison ChartWe’re excited to announce that the App Comparison Chart is live today!  Thus far we’ve indexed apps on the Mac OS X platform, but there is more to come.  We’d love to hear your feedback on the layout, the categories, or any aspect that you think could be improved to better serve you!  We’ve added the feedback page so you can let us know directly what you’d like to see.

Developers, have we left out your application?  Have we missed something about your app?  Please let us know.

We’ll be adding iPhone apps next.  If you have any suggestions or requests on what iPhone apps should be included, once again use this form.

Thank you for stopping by!

Hi, my name is Evan.

Hello my name is Evan

This is going to be brief, but I want to let you know who, what, why, and how I am so that some of you custom writing paper can relate with me a bit in future posts, in future discussions that we might have, etc.

As you’ve probably already learned from my background described in the “About Us” section, I’ve been a ‘GTDer’ for about a year now.  I have found nothing that comes close to GTD in terms of a comprehensive and effective work-flow management methodology, so I have enthusiastically absorbed as much knowledge and experience on the topic as possible.  I’ve read all three of David Allen’s books, listened to every audio CD they offer, subscribe to their podcast, and I’m a GTD Connect member.  So let’s move on to who I am outside of GTD.

I love people, and I love contributing to a greater cause.  If I can provide something of value, I certainly want to do everything I can to do so in the most effective way possible.  I enjoy helping people that want to help themselves.  I love technology, life-hacking, gadgets, all most apple products, entrepreneurship, Star Wars, the US of A, God, and my wife.  Those are most definitely not listed in any particular order.

If you care to continue reading, I’d like to share what people have influenced and inspired me up to this point.  The  reason I’m in a position today to pursue such a project as this is that I’ve absorbed and taken advice from the following:

I know I’m missing some, but I’m sure I’ll add more later.  If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past several years since college, it’s that the best people to learn from are those who are where you want to be in life, and who are willing to share with you how they got there.

So there is “me” in a nutshell.  As you can see, I’m a bit random, and my writing style is mostly conversational.  I’m always open to hear about how I can improve, though!

I can’t wait to get to know you, and find out how I can help you improve your productivity to enhance your life.  Please don’t hesitate for a second to email me and introduce yourself.

Make it a great day!


First Post!

"Mind Like Water"

Hi, everyone.  First of all, welcome to GTD Reviews.  We really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to come check us out.  My name is Evan, and I founded this concept.  First off, I want to briefly describe what this site is, and what we’d like it to do for you. is a one-stop resource for new and veteran GTDers alike to view and compare all the tools available to them.  This will eventually include all digital and analog list managing devices, from a Moleskine notebook, to a web-based app, to an iPhone app and its Mac OS X counterpart.  Our intention is to have a site that is comprehensive, always current, and 100% accurate.  In order to accomplish that, we need your participation!

Visit us often, and overwhelm us with feedback and suggestions.  If you go check out the “About us” page, you’ll see that we’re just GTDers like you with a love for technology and the web.  This site is supposed to be “For the people, by the people.”  It just can’t be awesome without your contribution.

We’ll dive in to a bit more detail as we continue to roll out features and content.  Look for personal posts by either myself or Will discussing our own personal discoveries about what has worked and hasn’t worked for us as we implement GTD.  We don’t claim to be pro’s or coaches by any stretch of the imagination.  We’re simply two young professionals who see great value in using GTD to improve productivity and lifestyle.

Thanks again for stopping by, and don’t forget to let us know what you think so far in the comments below!