Choosing Your Perfect GTD System

“I want to use GTD in my workflow.  How do I decide what system is right for me?”  Our hope is that this site will make that as simple as possible.  However, before you can determine what tools will best support your system, it is important to understand the thought process behind setting up a system that will work best for you.

When it comes to proper thought process in implementing GTD, you have a few options regarding who to turn to.  First of all, there’s David Allen himself.  While he may be a difficult man to get 1 on 1 council with short of paying for his coaching services, he is accessible in a sense through his three books, Getting Things Done, Ready For Anything, and Making It All Work.  Secondly, there are the elite few whom David Allen has dubbed the official “GTD Coaches,” on staff at David Allen Company.  They too are accessible through their coaching program, or through the GTD Times blog.  Thirdly, there are other GTDers in the world, all with varying styles and levels of experience.  This includes us here at GTD Reviews, as well as a majority of the viewers of this site.

Fortunately, we have at our disposal a very relevant article over on GTD Times written by GTD Coach Kelly Forrester covering the questions GTDers should ask themselves when choosing their GTD system.  Head over to give it a read via the link below.  Take special note of the following, though, as I believe this is the most valuable nugget of wisdom new GTDers can come to understand in order to avoid a very long and inefficient process of finding their system:

Is there a perfect GTD system out there? Sure, it’s the one you trust and use so your mind is free.

How to choose a GTD system” by Kelly Forrester at GTD Times

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