David Allen Company Announces the New GTD Implementation Guide

Image Courtesy GTDTimes.comYesterday the GTD Staff at David Allen Company announced the availability of the new GTD Implementation Guide.  If you’re like us, you’re thinking “I wish this would have come out about 14 months ago…” since you’ve been on a journey of implementation since then.  We feel your pain.  In fact, that’s the main reason this site exists, as a resource to help you find the best way to implement Getting Things Done into your lifestyle.  Better late than never?  Without a doubt.

Upon review of the free sample of the guide, you find the table of contents, and the first two pages of the guide itself.  In classic David Allen fashion, the guide gets right to the point.  The first section lists everything you’ll need for a complete capture of all of the “stuff” in your life, from typical office supplies, to capture tools, to chunks of time that you need to allocate to the process.

While the majority of the information can be found in the book, the $20.00 USD pricetag is inarguably worth the convenience of an abbreviated guide specifically for this purpose.  Walk through the entire guide as a new GTDer, or use the table of contents to jump right to the area that’s currently causing the most friction in your current implementation.  The table of contents is as follows:

Introduction – pg. 1
GettingStarted:  Setting Up the Time, Space, and Tools – pg. 2
Collecting:  Corralling Your “Stuff” – pg. 7
Processing:  Getting “In” to Empty – pg. 11
Organizing:  Setting Up the Right Buckets – pg. 16
Reviewing:  KeepingYourSystemFunctional – pg. 24
Doing:  Making the Best Action Choices – pg. 28
Articles by David Allen – pg. 32
– Getting Email Under Control – pg. 32
– General Reference Filing – pg. 36
Frequently Asked Questions – pg. 38
Additional Resources and Contact Information – pg. 43

To take a look at the sample, or to purchase the guide for yourself, hit the link below:

“The new GTD Implementation Guide” at GTDTimes.com

When you’re overwhelmed with the options available to you today, from the Hipster PDA to the task tracking software of tomorrow, a simple guide such as this is a great way to get back on track.  I will personally be using it immediately, and will be reporting back on my success in the coming weeks.  We would love to