GTD Meets iPad

In a guest post viagra online canada pharmacy on the GTDTimes blog, GTDer buy college essays Brian Isikoff contributes his experience and implementation of his GTD system using the ever-popular Apple iPad.
The Apple iPad

“I’m a four+ year adoptee of GTD, an IT Procurement professional since 1992, podcast producer, writer, and all around nice guy. Lastly, I’m the owner of a sparkly new iPad.

That iPad has quickly become the center of my GTD system…”

Keep in mind, no one implementation will work for everyone, but I know many of you new iPad owners are searching to find what will work for you. Head over to the GTDTimes blog for a good read, and comment below with your thoughts!

“GTD & iPad” by Brian Isikoff @

Are you an iPad owner?  Share your implementation in the comments below, or send us a potential guest post via our Feedback page, entitled “My iPad Implementation.”