Capture Crayons in the Shower

Here on GTDReviews we are in the process of indexing and reviewing all the various applications made for GTDers. A lot of that is in the works, but in the meantime I’ve been reflecting a lot on capturing non-digitally. As I said in my last post, I’m in between phones and just moved to a new computer, so capturing thoughts has been somewhat haphazard lately.

Now before I go on, I realize that thoughts happen all the time (whether you know it or not, you’re mind is always working), and you can capture those thoughts with anything from a napkin to an email to yourself – but my point is that I found myself relying on a capture system for my thoughts with very particular tools, and once I lost that system I felt a little more chaos had entered my life.

But what happens when you’re in a place where a little notebook and pen won’t do you any good? Or you don’t have any digital device capable of recording, sending or saving any thoughts?

That place is the shower of course. My mind races while I’m standing there, starting to wake up, for the first five to ten minutes. I also find myself going in at least 1,000 directions within minutes as I distract myself from actually getting done with my shower, and on with my day. (Although, part of it may very well be the fact that the hot water keeps me from wanting to get out some days too) What’s really annoying is when I have a thought I need to process later, but have no way of capturing it.

I’ve tried lots of things to capture the shower thoughts: writing in the steam on the glass doors, repeating the thought to myself so I wouldn’t forget, etc. etc. But nothing really seemed to work consistently – until I found shower crayons. That’s right, crayons. The Crayola bathtub crayons to be exact. These are great for writing down thoughts on the walls of showers before they escape you. They’re also fun to doodle with.

The only downside is they don’t work too well on wet surfaces of the shower, so I find that one area of the shower wall that stays relatively dry throughout the shower to make my notes on. Another tip, if there’s something you’re trying to work on – perhaps some daily affirmations or goals – use these crayons to write them out when the shower is dry and they’ll stay on any surface fairly well regardless of how wet it gets.

Do you find yourself in that situation where you are in the shower (or bath) and unable to capture a thought? Let’s put our experiences together in the feedback below GTDers, and see what other solutions there are.