The Future of GTD Reviews

Arriving At is alive and well.  Sure, there may have been about three years in between this post and the last, but let me assure you, my resolve for helping people thrive at Getting Things Done has never been greater.

So what’s next?  First up, we’re going to do a few articles to catch people up on the state of GTD software.  There have been some major revisions to all of the ‘big dogs’ of GTD apps, and now over the air syncing with mobile apps is becoming a standard.  This site definitely has a software focus, so we’re going to get on top of the reviews first.

This will also be a story about my ongoing adventure in falling off the GTD wagon, and getting back on it.  During our three year absence, much of that time was spent using my brain instead of organized lists and ubiquitous inboxes, and that was a huge mistake.  I’ve been back on the train now for a few months, and I’ve probably been more productive and focused in those last few months than in the preceding two years.

But let me ask you all a question – what is the greatest value I can provide, as a fellow GTDer and human being?  I have a passion for the topic, even more now that I’ve been without it for a period of time in my life.  What is missing, beyond reviews of software, that I can pour my heart and soul into?

I would love to hear from you!

Let’s Get Focused on Quality Over Quantity, Shall We?

Quality over QuantityInformation overload is a common problem in this high-tech, high-touch world.  In fact, the GTD methodology addresses that very issue quite effectively, allowing us to free up our minds to think creatively and learn new things while making sure important things don’t fall through the cracks.  When you visit a blog about GTD tools and implementation, the last thing you want is more information overload, correct?

That’s why we’ve decided to modify our approach here at GTD Reviews.  Rather than committing to one post a day, and loading viewers up with an excess of information, we’re going to post only twice every week outside of app update reports.  In making this adjustment, we will have more time to make sure the information we provide is supremely relevant to helping you achieve “mind like water” as quickly as possible.

There is only one catch. With fewer posts, it’s even more vital that we hear from you.  We need to know what information you’d like to find on this site.  Ask, and you shall receive.  It’s tough to beat that.

GTD Over The Years – What Changed?

The Passing of TimeI’ve been Getting Things Done since reading David Allen’s book a little bit over a year ago.  Already I’ve seen technology change the way people implement the methodology.  More apps have been released for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android, as the tech world moves its focus to mobile handsets.  Now with the release of the iPad we have a whole new platform onto which people are moving their list managers and productivity software.  The question I have is: What have you seen change over the years since you implemented GTD?

This may be the first time you’ve read a post on GTD Reviews, and we sincerely appreciate that you’ve taken the time to check us out.  This is a fairly new resource on the GTD scene, but we’ll become a one-stop resource for GTDers everywhere as we prepare for the release of the new GTD Reviews redesign coming in the following weeks.  This is a call to action, though.  There are other GTDers out there that need to hear from you, because nothing is as helpful as hearing from another real human being about what they’ve seen, experienced, and learned from their time using the methodology.

“Okay, how can I help?”  For starters, we’ve included a simple poll below.  Let us know how long you’ve been using GTD in your workflow.  Secondly, post in the comments, sharing what you’ve seen change since you first started implementing it.  How has technology changed things?  What has remained the same?  What has time taught you?

We’re excited to learn from you, and the GTD community needs to hear from you!  Share your thoughts, and don’t forget to vote in the poll below!

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